About Artesania

Artesania is the culmination of an idea that was conceived at Easter 1998, on the veranda of a traditional style hotel, in a famous Arts and Crafts town in Mexico called San Miguel de Allende.

To us it seemed the right place to start building a business based on a passion for traditional Arts and Crafts. A passion that we had developed after living in a number of very different countries

Artesania (which is Spanish for Hand made Arts and Crafts) is not just about crafts from Mexico, rather it is a concept, that will allow us, over time, to offer a range of individual, exclusive products from around the world.

The key ingredients in our business are: Passion, an in depth knowledge of the products we sell and a keen interest in traditional Arts, Crafts and Design. And the fun & challenge of seeking out products which are not readily available in New Zealand.

It is not our intention to flood the market with products that every one will have.

We immerse ourselves into the cultures and traditions behind the products so we understand how the pieces have evolved to their current form and an important factor in our business is that we develop personal relationships with our suppliers, visiting their factories and importing our knowledge of the New Zealand market & its consumers.

We invite you to visit our site to view some of the designs and styles available.

Best regards
Diane and Neil Gunn, of Artesania Limited

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